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About Us - Know Your Property Surveyors

Sterlingworth Surveyors - Taking you closer to your dream property purchase, at a reasonable price!

Helping You Make An Informed Decision!

Sterlingworth Surveyors is a team of qualified property surveyors who will carry out a detailed inspection of the property you are buying in order to point out any existing and potential problems or future issues beforehand. Our experts will inspect all areas that are reasonably accessible to help you with the purchase of your dream property allowing you to make financial commitments with confidence.

Who We Are

Whether you require a pre-purchase survey, RICS Red Book valuation, or a bespoke report for litigation purposes, we have a survey to meet your individual requirement. Sterlingworth Surveyors offer several professional surveying services around London and the South East.

Over the last 3 years, our team has successfully completed thousands of land and property surveys in London and its surroundings totaling over £1 Billion in value!

Having undergone a tough selection process, we are confident our team of RICS Qualified Surveyors is one of the best you can find with the technical expertise and experience required to perform a property survey and inspection to perfection.

Maintaining strong customer relationships is one of our core values. Have a property requirement? Give us a call today and let us help you make an informed decision.

Let Us Guide You to Your Dream Home

Our experienced and RICS Qualified surveyors are trained to spot defects in a property and analyse the potential root cause of the issue. In doing so, we not only aim to identify defects, but also to provide advice on how to correct the issue and prevent the problem from recurring.

At Sterlingworth Surveyors, you will have peace of mind in knowing that our surveyors will inspect every accessible area of the property the necessary and often unnoticeable details with their trained eye. Our strong background in the construction and renovation of houses allows us to understand a problem better than most, and this is what differentiates us from the competition.

Our team of experienced and RICS qualified property surveyors adhere to the strict RICS Ethical Standards. We will act impartially and prepare a survey report that is aimed at helping you make an informed decision on your property with full knowledge of any existing issues, ultimately helping you in re-negotiating the price for the property reflecting the state of repair, or convincing the seller to address any property issues.

Looking For Talent

Have you got what it takes to storm the property surveying market? Do you have excellent attention to detail and strong analytical skills? Do you have a passion for property? We would love to have like-minded individuals on board and are interested in having a conversation. Email us your CV, and we will get back to you.

Get In Touch

Even the best of us need an expert opinion when buying a new property, after all, it seems like one of the most daunting processes out there. With Sterlingworth Surveyors, you can leave all your worries to our experts and enjoy settling in your dream house. Contact us now for a quick consultation before you make the final decision. We look forward to connecting with you.