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Roof Surveys

Roof surveys by Sterlingworth Surveyors are detailed inspections of the condition of a building’s roof typically done using specialised equipment by highly professional individuals.

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Roof surveys can help identify any existing or potential problems with the roof, such as leaks, damage, or wear and tear. This can help prevent costly repairs in the future and ensure the safety of the building’s occupants. Additionally, roof surveys can provide important information about the roof’s overall condition, including its age, materials, and design. This information can be used to determine the roof’s life expectancy and to plan for future maintenance or replacement.

Why do you need a roof survey? Well, they can be required for various reasons, such as for insurance purposes or as part of a property transaction. In these cases, our professional roof survey can provide a detailed report of the roof’s condition, which can be used to negotiate terms or determine appropriate insurance coverage.

What is a Roof Survey?

Roofs can be visually inspected to determine their condition but in case it seems unsafe or has difficult-to-access locations we’ll use specialised pole cams to evaluate the roof as well as all of its components, such as chimneys and guttering.

Our thorough reports provide you with an approximate estimation of:


Roof's expected lifespan

The general price of repairing or replacing your roof

The state of your roof and every part of it

Essential roof survey reports for leaseholders

Mostly always, your Freeholder is in charge of maintaining the condition of your roof. Do you believe they are ignoring their responsibilities? Allow us to inspect your roof, and we’ll provide you with a report you can use for litigation purposes.

Expert Witness Reports

We also have RICS Chartered Surveyors who can create an Expert Witness Report to be used as evidence in court if you find yourself in the regrettable position of needing to take legal action to correct your roof or make a claim against a contractor.

Timely roof inspections for scheduled maintenance

The roof of your home is so important that it should be the first thing you consider while making plans for future home repairs. Within days, we can evaluate the state of your roof and deliver a thorough report to you.

Benefits of Our roof inspections

Sterlingworth Surveyors is proud of the services it offers, our roof surveys can be extremely beneficial for obvious reasons:


Verify that your insurance correctly manages your claim.

Request that your Freeholder make any necessary repairs to your roof.

Before you begin making changes, be aware of what you are entering into.
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