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Our valuations are tailor-made for every property survey, and you might want one for yourself too.

What is a land/property survey?

A land survey is a service that describes the borders, features, and geographic characteristics of a piece of land or property for a specified purpose. 

A property survey is a professional opinion conducted by a qualified RICS professional. They will deliver their professional and unbiased view of the property allowing you to make an informed decision on your purchase. 

All our surveys are tailored to address your individual concerns. To discuss your specific requirement please contact our office on 020 7770 9908.

Why do I need the property survey?

Property is one of the most important and expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. A property survey ensures that you are buying a house with peace of mind, knowing that you are not overpaying, and are aware of any required repairs and defects in the property that may become burdensome later on down the line.

How much does a property survey cost?

The price of a survey will vary depending on the type of survey you need, the estimated value of the property/land, age, and the condition of the property being surveyed.

What is RICS?

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) upholds the highest international standards in the appraisal, administration, and development of land, real estate, buildings, and infrastructure. The RICS advocates the highest ethical standards in property, therefore you have peace of mind when you obtain the advice of a RICS professional.

I have questions regarding your surveys, can I speak to someone regarding my concerns?

We welcome conversations with clients and would be happy to put you in touch with one of the surveyors.  Please contact us at our email address: or call 020 7770 9908 and our team will respond as quickly as possible.

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