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In the past, communication between surveyors and solicitors hasn’t exactly been stellar.

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Before contacting a surveyor to sort through the jargon, you as a solicitor could ask your client to send you a copy of the RICS Survey report. Our Solicitor Summary Reports are poised to become the industry standard as solicitors now recognise the advantages of better communication with surveyors.

Our Solicitor Summary Reports were created with the goal of saving solicitors numerous hours of productive time, lowering the possibility of mistakes, and enhancing their services. Reports include details on everything from property descriptions and critical flaws to the legal difficulties identified and safety concerns.

How Solicitor Summary Reports work:

When it comes to property concerns, solicitors frequently rely on surveyors to be their eyes and ears. You need a surveyor to identify important issues, from structural alterations to mandatory guarantees, so that you can make sure all the documentation is in order and rules are followed in order to execute your job with the best interests of your clients in mind.

When you work with Sterlingworth Surveyors, we can create a comprehensive Solicitor Summary Report in addition to the survey, giving you all the information you need to do your work effectively and without running the danger of missing any important details.

What’s included in the Solicitor Summary Report?

You won’t have to sift through every little nuance of the survey report to find the information that applies to you thanks to our solicitor summary reports. Our reports are clear but not overly wordy; actionable but not overly detailed. Generally speaking, there are four basic areas for our solicitor summary reports:



All of our reports include the property's inspection date, any surveying restrictions, and the survey's justifications.


In our reports, we emphasise any serious flaws and occupant safety issues so that you can act quickly on behalf of your clients.


We'll highlight all the crucial data you need to know about your Client's property, including its age, size, outside areas, and number of rooms.


We will be very transparent about everything that needs more research. Test results, building code work approvals, and any potential warranties are a few examples of these matters.
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