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Snagging Lists

Snagging lists are important because they help to identify defects and issues with a newly built property that may need to be addressed before the property is considered fully completed and ready for occupation.

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The term “snagging” refers to the process of identifying these defects in a list format in preparation for the builder to then rectify. These can include anything from minor paint issues to more significant structural problems.

As a surveying company who surveys newbuilds, and works alongside many Developers/builders, you are in safe hands. Having a snagging list prepared by Sterlingworth Surveyor’s professional surveyor help to ensure that all issues are identified and addressed in a timely and efficient manner, which can help to avoid potential problems and costs further down the line. By identifying and resolving issues early on, snagging lists can also help to ensure that the new property is safe and up to standard for its occupants.

Snagging lists can be particularly important for new build properties, where there may be a higher likelihood of defects due to the complexity of the construction process and the fact that the property has not been previously occupied. However, snagging lists can also be useful for older properties or properties that have undergone significant renovations, as they can help to identify any issues that may have arisen during the construction or renovation process. 

We normally recommend a snagging survey to be carried out post completion of works but before the Exchange of contracts in the case of a purchasing a New Build property, or post completion but before the final payment is paid to a contractor in the case of renovation/extension works.

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