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What Type Of survey Do I Need?

Our approachable team has plenty of experience in assisting clients with their surveying requirements confidently and accurately. 

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We have a variety of ready-to-choose survey packages as well as the ability to tailor a property survey to specific client needs. When you work with Sterlingworth Surveyors, you can be confident that you’re getting a relevant, unbiased expert opinion on the property that you’re interested in.

We provide RICS Level 2 and Level 3 reports which are compliant with the RICS Home Survey Standards 2019, as well as reports catering to a more bespoke requirement. We also provide Valuations for a variety of reasons. All of our valuations are done in accordance to the RICS standards as set out in the RICS Red Book. Feel free to discuss your survey requirements with the Team and they will assist you with their recommendation of what report best suits your individual needs.

There are many types of surveys available, and our team can help you choose the one most appropriate with respect to your needs and budgetary requirements.

Here are some of our services for you to choose from


RICS Level 3 Building Survey

The most comprehensive type of survey one can get on a Residential property. This type of survey is a detailed report of each element of the property and is more suited to buildings older than 50 years of age, or for properties which have been subject to extensive works. This would also be suited for properties where you are planning extensive works and require a more in-depth understanding of the property. This service is suited for both flats and houses and aims to give you a detailed understanding into the construction and condition of the property, along with providing property care advice ensuring the longevity of particular items. This is a non-intrusive survey and will not result in any disruptive investigations.

The Surveyor will make use of high quality surveying equipment, and their knowledge of subsidence/structural movement in order to determine the overall condition of the property and whether any further investigations or repair approximations is considered necessary. The report makes use of a traffic light system to better understand the contents of the report.

Checks undertaken in this survey include testing for damp, identification of structural movement, roofing defects, and more.


RICS L2 HomeBuyer Report

This is an economical version of the Building Survey and aims to give you a general overview of the property.. This is appropriate for more contemporary homes built less than 50 years ago. The report, just like the building survey report, makes use of a traffic light system to better understand the contents of the report. 

Checks undertaken in this survey include testing for damp, identification of structural movement, roofing defects, and more.


Snagging Lists

The snagging lists are best suited for new build properties and/or properties which have been subject to large scale works. These surveys should be done before initial occupancy and prior to exchange of contracts, or in the case of renovations, before the final payment to the builder is settled. This type of survey will entail a site visit by one of our surveyors trained in identifying various imperfections often found on a new build/refurbished property post completion of works. The aim of this survey is to provide a list of these imperfections which can then be provided to the builder/developer to put right prior to exchange of contracts or be used for negotiation purposes.

Roof Surveys

Most roofing experts advise having your roof professionally inspected every five years, however, many homeowners either forget or disregard this advice. You probably need a roof survey if your prospective home displays indicators of drainage issues, leaks, or dampness at ceiling/loft level. A roof survey can also come in handy for resolving disputes between your builder, and/or your Freeholder. Where possible we utilise telescopic pole cameras to gain a better visual into the condition of your roof.

Schedule of Conditions

This is a highly specialised service bespoke to Sterlingworth Surveyors and is aimed at dispute resolution, or providing a report for litigation purposes. Having been relied upon by solicitors bringing forth a litigation claim against builders, and relied upon by the Trading Standards and Metropolitan Police, the Schedule of Conditions report is an unbiased report which is widely used when two or more parties are in a dispute about a particular issue. A Schedule of Conditions report is not an RICS Home Survey report and is tailored to individual requirements. This report will only focus on issues detailed in the Client brief and nothing else. Should you wish to commission the Schedule of Conditions report, you should discuss your requirement with a member of staff in as much detail as possible in order for us to generate a relevant report suited to your requirement.
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